Chapters 14/19 – Wings to CS Spar

I don’t have pics of today’s progress because it was pretty much all research and coordination.  Although I have been trying to get into the shop to get the wheel pants prepped, I think it’s more important to get the Wings mounted to the CS Spar, then the CS Spar mounted to the fuselage.  Then, finally, the last piece of mounting flight lift surfaces will be mounting the Canard to the fuselage.

I continued to consult the plans and research other builders’ techniques, taking special note of any builders tips and issues they may have encountered.  In addition, I had a good discussion with my local EAA Chapter 186 (Manassas, VA), and my buddies Marco and Mike Beasley.  Mike has finished all the major aircraft structures on his Long-EZ and is in the finishing stage, so he has amazingly valuable insight on how to do this.

The main topic of conversation I had with my EAA folks is in locating a suitable place to mount the wings to CS spar, etc.  They don’t have anything available at this point, so I’m in hunt mode for a good location with enough size that will allow me to complete these next few steps.  One reason why I’m focused on getting this done soonest is that the weather is forecasted to be pretty good here for the next 10 days, so I’d like to get moving of major pieces part done while the WX is cooperating.

Tomorrow I’ll make some more phone calls to find a good build location and should have my plan nearly finalized for these next few steps.


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