Extrusions & Fuselage Post Curing

I cut all the aluminum extrusions (LWAs) for the wings & CS spar that are spelled out in Chapters 14 & 16.

LWA Alum Extrusions - Ch's 14 & 16LWA Alum Extrusions - Ch's 14 & 16I then removed the clamps from the flox gear repair & did a mock install on the fuselage… Success!

Chapter 9 - Main Gear Mock UpChapter 9 - Main Gear Mock UpI prepped the fuselage for Post Cure & spent a couple of hours locking in the fuselage so that it was level to within 0.1° across the longerons in all directions.

Fuselage Post CureFuselage Post CureFuselage Post Cure

I covered the fuselage with a foil covered thermal barrier “tent” (or cocoon) and placed 3 portable heaters inside the barrier.  I started the post cure at 3:30 am and the first average temperature reading was 105-107°F.

Fuselage Post Cure

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