Long-EZ back home!

Today all the components that will someday make up Long-EZ N916WP arrived back home!

Delivery TruckThe project was crated into 3 big boxes, with the wings being the largest of course.  The large crate at the very front of the truck bed is regular household stuff and the large crate at the very back of the truck bed is my motorcycle.

Delivery Truck

After many hours of unloading my household goods from the other truck, we were finally finished so they pulled this truck into position.

Hello old friend!Again, the wings are in the long, low flat crate located closest to camera (Left side of truck).

Big boxes!The large lower box next to the wings’ crate is the fuselage, and the long smaller crate on top of the fuselage is the CS Spar and the canard.

Lets do this!

Once the large household goods crate at the front of the truck was unloaded, we were able to start unloading the plane assemblies.  The first thing that came out of the crate was the CS spar.  I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with movers, but I was very adamant about them being slow and careful with these parts, which in the end they were.

CS Spar

I was a little unnerved for a bit since the only thing in the long crate atop the fuselage was the CS spar!  I had watched them put both the CS spar and the canard in the top crate when it was packed up in Germany.  Unfortunately, I would have to wait until AFTER the fuselage was unloaded to ensure the canard was in the wings crate, which is the only place it would fit!

CS Spar and canard crate

While they removed the empty CS spar crate from the truck I quickly unwrapped the CS spar to check it over and make sure there was no damage, which there wasn’t.

Looking good!

I let out a huge sigh of relief when we cracked open the wings’ crate and I saw the canard laying on top of the wings!  However, I wasn’t overly happy with them moving the canard out of its original crate, where it was in a leading edge-down orientation, to simply laying it on top of the wings.  As a point of note, I had originally stated the requirement that the wings crate be built to hold the wings vertically, but although they said they understood my requirement, they still built it so that the wings laid horizontally, as you see in the pics.

Plane parts

No worries . . . at least everything made it back to the States in one piece and undamaged!  Welcome home Long-EZ 916WP!


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