One small step at a time

I didn’t get much done today on the build, although I did make progress.

I tried to get down to Home Depot during a 1-hour window of time where it was NOT supposed to be raining, but, alas, the weatherman was wrong and I ended loading and unloading the remaining lumber for my fuselage dolly in the rain.  This is the main reason I have no pics of the event, since I was scrambling to get it all done as quickly as possible.

I dumped the wood in the garage, quickly wiped it down and then had to go meet a real estate client.  After a few hours with my client, I was across town near a buddy’s house & we ended up going out to dinner.

Thus, besides acquiring the required wood to finish the fuselage dolly, the only significant thing I did for the build was take the pic below upon returning home (there’s actually a few more pieces in the back room as well).

Fuselage Dolly Wood

Oh, and I grabbed a battery tender from the garage & put the small emergency back-up battery for the nose gear on a trickle charge to get it ready to go when I eventually wire up the nose gear to test it out.

Charging gear back-up battery

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get quite a bit of stuff knocked out between the canard, the nose gear NG30s and the fuselage dolly before I go out to dinner tomorrow night with another buddy of mine who is in town this week for work.

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