Section VI – Final landing brake glass

I sanded the inside and outside edges of the landing brake for glassing.  I also sanded the hinges for flox grip.  I then cleaned up the glass in the hinge area.

Glass Prep: I made 2 individual pre-preg setups:  1) 3-plies of BID to cover the inside of the landing brake, and 2) 3-plies UNI/1-ply BID for the reinforcement layup over LB19.

I cleaned up the ripped-out foam (from the wood spacers) by enlarging the holes to ~1″ x 2″ rectangles.  I made plugs the same size as the holes to fill them in.

Section VI - Landing BrakeSection VI - Landing BrakeI floxed the LB19 reinforcement plate into place and the LB24 hinge into its place at the edge of the glass, with some of its middle area overlapped by LB19.

Section VI - Landing BrakeI then micro’d the plugs into place, along with any dings, the torn up foam along the edges and the entire face of the landing brake.

Section VI - Landing BrakeI wet out my #1 3-ply BID pre-preg and then laid it up on the landing brake face.

Section VI - Landing BrakeAfter it was squeegeed out and set nicely, I trimmed the layup glass to within a 1/4″ of the edge to ensure that no separation occurred and that there was a nice glass-to-glass bond.

Section VI - Landing BrakeI wet out my #2 3-ply UNI & 1-ply BID pre-preg and laid it up on over LB19 for reinforcement.  This reinforcement is called out as an unnumbered plans change in CP43 pg 4.  Although I followed the intent of the plans change, I slightly modified it since my plies are bit larger (as is LB19) and I swapped out the plans small top UNI ply for a top-cover protective BID ply.  I like to have BID as the top ply over UNI where I can.

Section VI - Landing BrakeI peel plied over & around the reinforcement layup, being very careful around the floxed-in hinge.  After a few hours I knife trimmed the edges.  It looked really good.  After another couple of hours I took it out to the garage (all this work was completed in my downstairs shop) and mocked it up.  Looked good and I was happy with the results!



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