Tooling Up – Another Wall Done!

Today started out as quite another rainy and blustery day. As was yesterday. I will admit I was able to cobble together enough work sessions to actually finish the right front workshop wall segment yesterday.

Today I finished putting the power back in place on this segment of wall. I still have to run it back to the aft side wall and very aft wall for this circuit.

I also got busy rebuilding the workbench that –although quite strong– was in bad shape both alignment and configuration wise. First of all, just like the narrower workbench I put back into business to the left of this one, I added a lower shelf.

However, once I framed the shelf in –and with a seemingly good break in the weather– I ran to Lowe’s for some more supplies. Mainly 7/16″ thick OSB sheeting so I could cut and install the lower shelf top.

I then pulled all the rusty nails out of the old workbench top boards, trimmed the board ends a bit and installed them back into place. They may not be things of beauty, but these 2″ thick boards are heavy and strong! Since I stole a couple of rows of 2×4 (real ones) from the back of this workbench top to use for framing in the window and the back workbench legs, I replaced them with a section of the original middle roof beam that I took out when I installed the massive middle beams… that allowed me to remove the middle pole.

Since they are bit uneven on top, my plan is to at some point cover all these boards with a nice thick piece of plywood.

Here is the new look of the right end of my shop, with covered walls, new windows, and both freshly refurbished workbenches ready for action!

With this wall segment complete, that leaves the right front wall (where the small entrance door is), the left front wall (the middle is complete), and the front half of the left sidewall to complete: 3 sections total. Of those, the one I’ll be tackling next (tomorrow) will be the most entailed since it involves modifying a large shelf structure that I’ll convert into a work kiosk complete with a desk surface for a computer, binders, papers, etc.

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