Tooling Up – Another wall done!

As I mentioned in my project overview post, I’m seeing that each wall section is taking about 2-3 days per section (between the large poles) to complete. That timeline held true with the back right sidewall as well, clocking in at about 2.5 days until finished.

This is wall section number 6 of 10, so in raw numbers I’m 60% complete on getting the walls knocked out. And not a bit too soon either since today was quite warm, but not unbearable without AC. I don’t believe that will be the case in another month, when AC will be pretty much mandatory for working in the shop.

To provide an idea of what section of wall I was working on, here’s before shot of it with the back wall I just finished shown as well.

I cleaned off the workbench since, although a nice robust fixture, it needs to go to make room for tools: specifically the roll-around tool cart with the lathe mounted atop of it.

I started by removing the old window and the “chain link security system” from over the window.

I then framed out and installed the new window.

Here we have the majority of the old workbench removed.

I then got busy filling in the area between the wood purlins with 2″ thick foam insulation. As per usual I then covered the wall with OSB flooring board.

Here is day 3 when I actually finished insulating and paneling the wall segment.

And later in the evening after outfitting this area with shelves, pegboard, a narrower workbench and the centerpiece: the roll-around tool cart that will have the lathe mounted on top of it.

I then assembled a tool cart I picked up a couple of months ago that will hold machining specific tools. I set it in the place in the corner where I had planned for it to go… I’m happy with how well it fits.

I then backed up just a bit to include a shot of the milling machine’s blue base to provide an idea of how the “machining corner” will be configured.

Tomorrow I’ll start on the right front sidewall that is adjacent to –and to the right of– the section of wall that I just completed.

Trudging forward…

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