Tooling Up – Milling Machine Move

I finally got around to listing the ton of unpacked, broken down boxes I had on hand from moving on Craigslist and a local neighborhood billboard. I hate just recycling those things if someone can make use of them. Well, as it turns out four separate people ended up grabbing what they needed and polished off my stock of moving boxes.

It’s the little things . . .

With the garage a lot less filled I was able to assess its configuration better and had a bit of a mini-epiphany regarding installing a workbench along the back wall. You see, I still had a fair amount of wood left in the pile in the workshop…. again, from having built those temp walls to remove the middle pillar and add a long set of beams.

Moreover, I had 4 double-2×4 boards leftover from the beam project. With that many nails holding them together it’s a real pain and time bust to separate the boards. Using them up, as I did below, in creating end and middle uprights for a new table wiped out the stock of doubled-up 2×4 boards. Nice to find a good purpose for those things!

I of course used up even more of the 2x4s on this garage workbench, reducing the number of boards in the workshop even more. A real win-win.

Does this garage workbench relate to building the airplane? In a way it really does support the effort since in my ability to get the garage more organized, and gain access to previous hard to reach areas, I was able to extract a lot of tools, equipment and parts for the the airplane build.

And as I said in a very recent post, I also avoided unnecessary hauling of lumber just to stack it somewhere else to then build from that stash later on.

I cobbled together a couple of long strips of OSB for the bottom shelf . . .

And then went cheap again with a new, fresh piece of particle board for the top. The measurement for this table is 8 ft wide x 31″ deep.

As I alluded to above, after I finished the workbench above I spent well over 3 hours organizing the garage and hauling A LOT of airplane-building related stuff back to the shop.

In fact, the biggest haul of the night was the milling machine, which hasn’t moved from it’s spot in the garage since I received it back in Sep 2019. Well, the time had come for it to make it that last 50 yards to it’s final home in the workshop.

Needless to say, this thing is heavy!  But after slogging through to get it across over 20 yards of no-man’s land that is the grass and pea-gravel stretch of driveway (almost half of the total travel distance) between the garage and workshop, it was finally in the workshop near it’s final mounting spot.

Over the next few weeks or so, as I’m finalizing the walls and outfitting the workshop, I’ll get the mill tore down, cleaned, modded a bit, reassembled and then ready for action.

I’ve been getting a lot of the tools, equipment and parts moved out to the workshop as I’m finishing up some of the finer details of the shop. And I will be getting back on the walls to finish those up within the next few days.

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