Chapter 10 – Securing Canard

Early afternoon I went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies to start the micro finish on the bottom of the canard.

Shortly after I returned home, I met future Long-EZ builder, Sohail, and showed him around my shop, and all the various pieces parts of my Long-EZ project.  Of course what ensued was a long conversation on building Long-EZ’s, canards, and airplanes in general.

After Sohail left, I worked on getting the canard mounted upside down on the workbench. Thus, my first order of business was to secure the “K” mounts to the workbench surface.

Securing "K" Mounts with Hot Glue

I had thought about either hard-mounting the “K” mounts with screws & maybe some brackets, but I really wanted to minimize the holes in the workbench top.  Plus, all but one of the “K” mounts are made of particle board and I didn’t want to add any stress to them by drilling holes, etc.

Another option was of course bondo, but I didn’t want the mess, the smell or the pain of sanding it off the workbench surface after removing the “K” mounts.  As you can see by the pics, I went the hot glue route.  Hot glue has plenty of strength for the job and it cleans up fairly easily.

After ensuring the “K” mounts were aligned & spaced properly, I hot glued them to the workbench top.

Securing "K" Mounts with Hot Glue

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to some micro-finishing!

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