Chapter 14/19 – Wing Mount Prep

I started out today rereading the Chapter 14 and 19 plans sections for installing the wings to the CS spar, and the CS spar to the fuselage.  I then printed out those pages to use along with my other task list sheet as reference when installing the wings, etc.  I then made up a Chapter 19 specific to-do list on a 3×5 card.

The first task on my to-do list was to finish building the sawhorses for mounting the wings to the CS spar.  So that’s what I did.

Initial Sawhorses Complete

After the initial completion of the sawhorses, I added a round of 2-1/2″ screws to buttress them up a bit.  I also added a shelf on what will be the aft side of the CS spar sawhorse (pic below, right side) for the water jug that will serve as the central reservoir in my water level system.

Mod Sawhorses & level stands done

Here’s a long view of the sawhorses that I finished building today.

Sawhorses finished

And another pic after I set them out in a general setup for when the CS spar and wings are mounted on them.

Initial set up

In preparation to setting up the CS Spar on the middle sawhorse, I ensured that it was level.

Leveling CS Spar Sawhorse

I then took a few minutes to get access to the CS spar hanging on the shop wall.  I pulled it down, took it outside, set it on its respective sawhorse, and then ensured it was level as well.  In addition, if you look closely in the pic below you’ll see that I marked the center lines of all the CS Spar hard point extrusions.

CS Spar Mark Up

Here’s the CS Spar level at 0°.  Once I leveled the CS spar, I found and marked the 17.4 WL right at the aft spar CL.

CS Spar leveling

Then, so as not to blind any neighbors, I flipped the spar around 180° to shoot it with the laser level.   Of course I ensured the spar was level again after I flipped it around.  Once I had the laser crosshairs centered on the WL17.4 and spar CL, I then marked the 17.4 WL in multiple places horizontally on the back face of the spar.

Finding/marking spar 17.4 WL

Here’s a normal shot of me shooting the spar with a laser level in order to find & mark the 17.4 WL.

Finding/marking spar 17.4 WL

I also determined and marked what the plans call out as the “A” & “B” marks that help ensure the wing hard point extrusions are aligned with the CS Spar’s extrusions.

Marking spar "A" & "B" lines

Below is a closer shot of the markups I did on the outboard CS Spar extrusion.  My measurements and dimensions are showing up a hair off, but that’s not too surprising since I did reshape the outside of the CS Spar to make it narrower to better align with the inboard wing root (remember, I made my wings first so I knew exactly their thickness before building the spar).

Marking CS spar hardpoints

The plan is still to get the main wing mounting accomplished on Monday, but tomorrow I do plan on mating up the wings to the CS spar, ensuring the “A” & “B” lines match, and prepping my water level system to ensure that it works.



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