Chapter 21 – Last one down

Today I finished installing the vertical components of the thigh support fuel sump by glassing in the sump right wall.  As with the left wall I used 1 ply BID and 1 ply Kevlar on the interior tapes, and 2-ply BID tapes on the exterior side — all with E-Z Poxy.

Here’s a shot from the aft side of the fuel sump right exterior wall.

I went to visit some friends and about 8 hours later I returned home, pulled the peel ply, and then cleaned up the layups a bit.

Again, here’s a shot from the aft side of the sump right side wall.

I then checked the fit of both Holley Hydramats, which were spot on. You may note that in the pics below I also installed the fuel drain valves to check fit and clearance with the Hydramats.

I was curious about the amount of fuel these fuel sump tanks will hold so I worked up a quick estimate which comes up to about 1.3 gallons each, so around 2.6 gallons total combined fuel in the fuel sump tanks.

Tomorrow I’ll start work on the sump top / thigh support seat build and installation.


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