Chapter 21 – Main fuel tank lines

Today I started on the right main tank fuel pickup port by marking it up & then cutting it out.  I then shaped the foam on the inside of the fuel pickup port ‘alcove’.

I then marked the inside of the fuselage where the right main tank to right sump feed line will enter into the fuselage.  The point on the right side is much higher than the left making the amount of fuel line tubing having to traverse through the sidewall much less than on the left, so the process was significantly easier in running this line.

I then drilled and widened the hole to the point it would accept a 1/2″ fuel line.

I also worked on the external side to ensure the 1/2″ fuel line could be routed into place.

Here’s a shot after I routed the right main tank fuel line feed and flared it to create a nice pickup port, and also the 1/4″ vent line that I ran from the sump.

Here’s a shot of the right main tank fuel line feed and the sump vent line (and the engine fuel feed line).

Here’s a wider angle shot showing the right side fuel feed and vent lines to the sump.

I finished up the evening by prepping to glass the right side main tank fuel pickup port, but first I used some micro to secure the left side fuel sump vent line and laid up 1 ply of BID over it.

I then glassed the right side main tank fuel pickup port and the fuel sump vent line.

Tomorrow I’ll continue to work on the fuel sump in attempt to get it knocked out over the next few days.



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