Chapter 21/24 – Pilot thigh support done

I started off this morning, which was surprisingly rain free unlike the forecast had called for, by quickly getting the thigh support cover outside.  I set it up and then shot it with 2 coats of clear.

While the thigh support cover clear coat was drying, I took the opportunity to reinstall the fuel valve bracket and the actual Andair fuel valve.

A couple of hours later I installed the dry clear-coated thigh support cover.  Not surprisingly, I’m super happy with how it came out, both structurally and paint-wise.

Here’s a close-up shot of the support screw that secures the fuel selector valve bracket to the thigh support fuel valve pedestal base.

I made an honest attempt to finish installing the Dynon Intercom but was quickly reminded that I’m completely out of D-Sub connector pins and a host of other electrical supplies.  I put together an order on SteinAir and will pull the trigger either later tonight or first thing tomorrow after I do a bit more inventorying to ascertain my current benchstock levels.

Since I couldn’t wire up the intercom, I decided to make the forward pilot seat area fuel system video that I said I would a few months back when I made the GIB thigh support sump tank video.  So here it is:

After I messed around for a few hours filming, editing and uploading the video, I then spent well over an hour finalizing all the electrical diagram updates from the recent panel mock-up wiring.

Tomorrow I plan on sitting in the pilot’s seat (I wanted to give the clear coat a good 24 hours to dry before sitting on it) and figuring out the locations for the left armrest console components.  Also, I also plan to start the final installation of the Parking Brake pull T-handle and start on the nose hatch pull-to-open T-handle as well.  In short, I have a number of build tasks I can now start with the knowledge of my exact sitting ergonomics in hand.


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