Chapter 22 – Heat exchanger whole again!

This morning I woke up feeling like hammered dog crap… not good with a nasty cold.  It came on immediately and of course I’m not sure how long this will last, but the bottom line is that any shop build tasks is not happening today.

Since I was feeling less than stellar, I took the opportunity to spend a few hours on my website.  I parsed out the last few weeks of Blog updates to their respective chapter build logs.  I then backed up my website and updated my site to the latest version of WordPress.

I actually went down last night after I finished yesterday’s post to pull peel ply and razor trim the first round of layups that secure the heat exchanger halves back together, with the heater core secured inside.  Except for the corners, which I basically just trimmed away, all the layups looked fine.  Here’s a shot of the top edge.

Here’s a shot of the inlet on the top side of the heat exchanger.  It still needs just a bit of cleanup on the edges, but beyond that I’m pleased with how the heat exchanger is coming along.

Here’s the bottom side of the heat exchanger.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up (if I feel better) to visit some friends in the Dulles area, so not much building going on tomorrow as well.



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