Chapter 22 – Resealing heat exchanger

Today I glassed round 2 of securing the halves of the heat exchanger back together.  I started by simply filling in the 2″ gaps created by the duct tape that I used to hold the 2 sides together tightly.  Again, I used 1 ply of BID as I did before.

I then glassed a small patch of BID on each forward corner (top side in pics below).

Finally, for this round I went to the aft side and laid up a small 1-ply BID patch just outside of the AN fitting posts on the corners (bottom in pics below).

I then peel plied all these small layups.

Later in the evening I pulled peel ply from the layups and cleaned up the layups.

I have 1 more round of layups to finish up the closure of the heat exchanger, which I’ll work on tomorrow.



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