Chapter 22 – Low vent mounting

I started out today by buying and then swapping out the GIB lower eyeball vent mounting screws to stainless steel hex buttonhead screws.  The other ones worked fine, but they were just too industrial looking for my taste,  Yes, minor point, but might as well make it all look nice, eh?

Here’s the another inside shot of the GIB lower eyeball vent mounting screws.

After sanding down and prepping all the mating surfaces, I then whipped up some wet flox and floxed in place the GIB lower eyeball vent & base to the lower horizontal duct.

About 8 hours later I pulled off the clamp and cleaned up the minor bit of flox that had oozed out.

The flox spread was nice and uniform, meaning this GIB lower eyeball vent mounting to the lower duct was a success.

Tomorrow will pretty much be a non-build day, but I’ll be back at working on the vent system and oil heat system on Monday.



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