Chapter 22 – Making Swiss Cheese

I started off today by mounting the main panel ground buss (G4), or “Forrest of Tabs” if you will, on the right side of the Triparagon.

Triparagon - Right side

On the left side I mounted the avionics ground buss (G5), and the bridge rectifier used for the Trio auto trim system.

Triparagon - Left side

Here’s a closer view of the components on the upper aft side of the Triparagon.

Triparagon - Left side

After mounting all the electrical components to dial in their configuration & spacing, I then pulled off all the components to commence drilling the lightening holes.  Which I did, spending the next couple of hours drilling the lightening holes.

Triparagon - Swiss cheesed

I’ll note again that after I initially cut out the Triparagon vertical from a panel of 0.09″ 6061T6 Aluminum it weighed just over 1.38 lbs.  After drilling all the lightening holes the Triparagon weighed in at 0.71 lb, so almost half of the original weight.  I expect that when all is said & done, the installed Triparagon structure with the top cross plate and support struts, will weigh in at just over a pound.



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