Chapter 22 – The end is near!

At least the end of the wiring on the panel mockup area.

Today I got my wiring labels in fairly early and I immediately started knocking out my list of wire labels.  All told I attached well over 30 labels today.  I am close to running out of wires to actually label in & around the panel area . . . and that’s a good thing!

I was also able to finally finish wiring up the EFIS GPS to the Trio autopilot cross connect wire that I jury rigged about a month ago in finding the fix for the Trio AP not getting a GPS signal from the EFIS.  I never actually installed the circuit for final implementation, so I did today.

Another milestone I hit today was finally getting the Electrair Spark Advance AD626 Op Amp board wired to both the GRT EIS4000 and the Electroair control unit.  When I do the final install on the op amp board I’ll use a big piece of heat shrink to keep all the connectors in place.

Here’s a closer look at the Spark Advance AD626 Op Amp board with complete wire connections.

Again, while this cold spell lasts during January I’ll be knocking out as many small electrical tasks –like the ones above– until I get the list completed.


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