Chapter 22 -Wiring Triparagon

As I mentioned before, my final act on this big first round of working on the electrical system will be to wire up all the cross connections I can from points A → B on the Triparagon itself.

I started off working on the gear & canopy warning module, and its partner in crime: the warning horn.  I wanted to get those wired up as best possible since they reside immediately above all the PQD connector wiring.  My first task was to extend the positive side (red) lead out of the Warning Horn, which connects through a 3A fuse on the Main Bus. I fired up my trusty soldering iron and soldered a length of red 22AWG wire to extend the Warning Horn lead.  I then added heat shrink over the joint, labeled the wire, and then terminated it with a FastOn connector.

Solder splice to extend Warning Horn lead

Here’s a big picture shot of my work on the right side Triparagon.  Once I get the cross connects on this side complete, I’ll move to the left side.

Wiring right-side Triparagon cross connects

Besides airspeed switch #1, the majority of my cross connects have been between right side Triparagon resident components and the PQD connectors; primarily the big P6 connector, which you can see in the upper right corner.

Wiring right-side Triparagon cross connects

Here’s a quick shot of the area where I do the majority of my cable building and connector terminating/assembly.

Wiring connector termination station

Tomorrow I’ll continue to work on the right side Triparagon cross connects, then move onto the left side next.


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