Chapter 25 – Yep, Sanding Canard

Since there was a good chance of rain earlier today I decided to get the wood for the table platform brackets cut.  In addition, I wanted to get the saw out of the garage and back into the shed behind the house.

Figuring that there wasn’t going to be a lot of visual storytelling going on today, I snapped this picture to show the wood-cutting process.


My original plan was to get the bottom of the canard sanded and then West micro finish spread on the top of the canard.  However, I ended up spending almost 3 hours sanding down the primer on the swoosh tips, inboard canard tips area, and the two outboard hinge tabs.

Once I fished sanding the first round of primer, I applied a fresh coat of primer on the areas I just sanded.

I then went to dinner and upon returning home I found that the primer in the cup was still flowing out & very wet, so I used it to apply a final coat to build up the total primer thickness as much as possible.


After cleaning up after the final primer application, I went upstairs & reviewed the wiring diagram for Jack WIlhelmson’s nose gear actuator.


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