Chapter 13/25 – Finishing nose parts

Today was a long build day overall, but not an overly productive one.  The reason being that today was essentially epoxy wipe day for the tool box . . .

And the aft NG30 cover.

After prepping the parts late this morning, I applied the first epoxy wipe (using West) and then waited 2 – 2.5 hours and then added the next coat, waited and then repeated.  I applied a total of 4 coats of epoxy before letting them alone to cure overnight.

In other news, I cleaned up and shaped the right battery tray flange in preparation for adding a tab (smaller flange) just inboard of the right flange to allow me to mount the taxi light mini-actuator to the battery tray via these right side flanges.

With the aft NG30 cover and tool box body epoxy wipes curing, I checked them one last time and then called it a night.


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