Chapter 9/22 – Parking Brake In

I started out today adding a sub-page to Chapter 24 for the GIB kick plate when I realized that my page addition had inexplicably wiped out about 3/4 of my build log link menu that shows in the upper right hand corner of this site.  I was able to recreate it after about 1.5 hours.  I then got on with my original task to port over my build posts to the build log. That in itself took over 2 hours.  Finally, I tweaked the Chapter 9 build page by parsing it out into different sub-pages to make it a lot more organized. Tack on an hour+ or two for that as well.

I then finally made it down into the shop to pull the peel ply off the Matco parking brake Adel clamp hardpoint Clickbond layup.  I cleaned it up a bit and it all looked good.

I then mounted the Adel clamp to the Clickbond and also terminated the control wire into the brake valve lever arm nut.  I worked the parking brake back & forth a bit (brake on & off) and the action was nice, solid and smooth.  (I was going to take a quick video of it but my phone is stuck on portrait mode right now for some reason!).

With everything secure on the front end, I then positioned and 5-min glued the remaining forward parking brake control cable conduit.  It may seem unnecessary at this point to secure the conduit, but I simply want to ensure that it never gets snagged, hung up on or in the way.

As the prior two secured cable conduit areas, I filled the voids around the cable conduit with micro and then glassed 1 ply of BID over it.  I then peel plied the layup.

Besides the parking brake, tonight I worked extensively on the pilot seat base cross duct. There was a lot of interesting stuff to come out of the initial mockups of the pilot seat base cross duct, but I think the biggest impacting one is that I learned that I had to move the planned location of my ELT to ?!?  I have some ideas, but I need to dial it in… soon.

I also assessed the duct situation and drew a bunch of hash marks all over the inside of the pilot seat area.  I was planning on building the PIC/GIB distro valve (valve #3) for the heating duct, but it got too late and I couldn’t cut the material due to the noise it would make.

However, tomorrow is another day!  Since I’m more than caught up on my website tasks, I seriously do intend to get my hands really dirty on this build tomorrow.



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