Commencing fuselage repairs

So, here we go!  Lock & load.  Tonight I’m starting on the repairs to the fuselage damaged in transit from Virginia to Germany.  The first thing I did was to mark off the cracked and damaged areas on the lower fuselage sides (the fuselage is shown inverted in these pics).

Lower fuselage repairI marked off the minimum area possible to be removed to a) keep as much of the original foam and fiberglass intact as possible to maximize structural integrity, and b) use the least amount of foam as possible for the repair inserts.

I used a battery powered thin-kerfed circular saw and a “Fein” tool to cut out the damaged areas. Continue reading

Chapter 5 – Fuselage Sides

The top row of pics shows table prep and 3/4″ foam for the fuselage sides being measured marked and prepped to cut.  The two pieces of large foam have already been joined at the seem with an epoxy microslurry, or again what we call “micro” for short.

These bottom two pics show what will be the aft end of the fuselage marked for cutting for what will eventually make up the bottom aft contour of the fuselage, and the entire fuselage side wall looking forward.